Warehousing, Handling and Picking

In our distribution centers, Prague, Olomouc and Senec, we offer and implement long-term storage of all products, except for chilled / frozen / dangerous goods etc.

We guarantee A + quality storage capacity including standard In/Stock/Out reports in online mode.

Storage and manipulation of goods is realised by modern warehouse technology. In addition, we have the option of personal collection of goods via the drive-in ramp.

We have a state-of-the-art WMS (WarehouseManagementSystem) that allows for an immediate blocking of any batch and features maximum visibility of goods movements in real time.

Receiving, shipping and manipulating of goods is made with the help of state-of-the-art technologies and scanners.

We treat entrusted goods as our own, guarantee inventory differences and are adequately insured against all risks arising from storing activities.

Our total storage capacity in all distribution centers is approx. 10.000 m².

The company is regularly audited to ISO standards, which we hold in all distribution centers.

We actively support the environment and environmental practices in logistics and are holders of BIO-Certificate for the storage and handling of BIO-Products.

In addition to standard services such as loading/unloading of goods and picking according to customer specifications, we also offer other services such as labelling, stamping and other VAS (ValueAddedServices). We offer and implement ecological disposal of expired and damaged goods.

Complementary to the standard storage of goods, we also offer all storage and logistics services related to Event and Promo events throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

As part of our storage services, we provide all customs services including "Intrastat" for clients who import/export their goods to/from the EU.



Transport, Distribution and Cross-Docking

We offer and implement distribution of your shipments within the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the x + 1 system or, as the case may be, x + 2 with modern distribution vehicles including Tracking & Tracing.

Planing and implementation of all transport and distribution requirements is done in a progressive TMS (TransportManagementSystem). The response to delivery to the client is almost immediate. We scan the confirmed delivery notes, send them electronically and archive them in our database.

We work with a modern fleet and are actively preparing for the electro mobility.

The company organises and provides EU-wide Cross-Docking, distribution and collection services through its contractual partners.