Welcome to the website of the family company MP-Sped s.r.o. which has been engaged in logistics activities in the field of distribution and storage of goods since 2005. An integral part of the company's activities is to increase service levels by introducing and activating higher value-added processes. The prompt and competent handling of client requirements is one of the company's standards and enhances the sense and certainty of family belonging.


Highest Care for Goods - FiFo - FeFo - Tracking & Tracing
Logistics Fast & Competent with an emphasis on creating synergies
International Shipping & Cross Docking & Collection Service



The mission of the company is to look for solutions that reflect the expected quality of it's clients and maintain a high level of service with respect to current technical and technological trends in the industry, all at an affordable price.


That is why we are constantly looking for new solutions and new collaborators who will share our passion for logistics. The company will appreciate your interest, and therefore do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestion, demand or interest in cooperation.


Prague (CZ 251 01)

The company's central warehouse is located in the immediate vicinity of the capital city of Prague with direct connection to the D1/Exit11 motorway. The total storage area is 5.000 m². There is also sufficient office space and the company management resides at the premise.

Olomouc (CZ 783 01)

Distribution Center ("Split Point") Olomouc is located near the city of Olomouc with direct connection to the D35/Exit272 motorway. The total storage area is 2.000 m². The warehouse has adequate office space.

Senec (SK 903 01)

Distribution center ("Split Point") Senec is located near the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, with direct connection to the D1/Exit27 motorway. The total storage area is 4.000 m². The warehouse features adequate office space.

Hamburg (DE 20457)

MP-Sped Hamburg GmbH is a subsidiary of MP-Sped s.r.o., which was founded in 2020 and acts directly in the port of Hamburg as a link to the worldwide transport. The Hamburg branch accompanies not only German customers on site in Hamburg and mediates business between the whole world and the sales regions in Central Europe.